Classic Weekend Drivers!

Hope you have enjoyed the Web Site! Here are a few photos of our Weekend Driver's.

The 66 & 67 Chevelle's are personal favorites of mine. Seen here a 1967 Chevelle SS Convertible, I have owned this car since 1994,  it  was an 8 year project. The Chevelle was painted 3 times before being completed in 2002. This is a Chevelle Super Sport Vin# 13867 Convertible, Red Exterior/ Red Interior with White Manual Top!  396 Engine,  4 Spd  Trans!  

Seen in the photo album is my Wife's 1967 Chevy Camaro Convertible. 
 This is truly a nice little car. Restoration done several years ago. 

Additions have been made check out the 66 and 1995 Cars!

Our other project started in 2000, with the help of Gene Watson and Ed Harris (True DIE HARD OLD CAR BUFFS) we were able to locate her second Convertible. Found in Sweetwater, TN  a 1969 Z11 Pace Car.  After 3 years, the mechanical part of the car is finished!  
The metal work has been done! Still a project in the making! 
Photos of the 69 Z11 Pace Car!

This car has a history of one owner from Texas, it was later given to his daughter as a gift! The photo's show the color as Blue on Blue. The White & Orange color's were not her choice, so she decided it had to be blue. The original Interior was redone all in Blue Cloth, with New Paint to change it's look. As of now we still have the original Interior with the Orange and Black that can be found on many parts of the Interior, Head Rest, Seat Backs & Door Panels! 

Seen below are photos of the 69 Pace as we found it under the old tree. 
The 69 Pace made it home okay on September 23, 2000 and was disassembled!
The Metal work has been done and the list of new parts goes on. 

New Quarters, Inner Quarters, Floor Pans, Trunk Pan & Valance Panels!
 Great GM Dog house located in Western KY. This was METAL Surgery that ended in 2002. 

Now in 2003 the car has all NEW Drive train! 
Nice 396 Engine, Muncy 4 Spd!, All New Brakes, Brakes Lines, Gas Tank & Gas Lines! 

Herman's Classic Cars, LLC
580 Smith Brewer Road
London, KyY 40744
PH: 606-878-5839 or Cell # 606-521-4156
A part of History a true Z11 Pace Car Convertible! 
After 10 years of restoring the car is now back on the road, as seen above it had been close to 25 years since it was driven.
Showroom photos and the trip home, yes it was driven over 400 miles to London, KY!
I truly have enjoyed my Birthday gift of this 2011 Chevy Pace Car Convertible. 
Purchased new  in 2011 the car now has 3,200 miles on it. 
What a joy to drive.......thank you Herman for my gift.   Love Carolyn